HR Audit

Not sure where to start? An HR Audit is the best way to assess and improve your current HR practices and systems to ensure your business is compliant with the Fair Work Act.

The Standard Candle HR Compliance Audit will involve a consultant coming on site or online via Zoom for between 4-5 hours and reviewing your HR business practices to determine a baseline starting point for your HR journey.

HR areas of the audit review include (but not limited to):

  • Legal compliance
  • Recruitment practices
  • On-boarding / documentation
  • Policies and procedures / employee’s handbook
  • Record keeping
  • Compensation / pay equity / payroll processes
  • Employee relations
  • Performance appraisal systems
  • Employee Separation
  • Health & safety

If you have any immediate HR concerns, we can tailor are audit to identify these and prioritise as part of the report. Our aim is to understand your businesses strengths and areas of improvement and we will provide you with a comprehensive report outlining the audit findings and our recommendations, in order of potential compliance risk, for next steps.


Employment Contracts are an integral part of the HR audit, as they outline the employment conditions and obligations for the Company and the employee.

The team at SCHR can review the employment contract templates currently used by your organisation to ensure compliance with applicable Modern Awards, associated Individual Flexibility Agreements (IFA), Annualised Salary/Guaranteed of Annual Earnings Agreements and the Fair Work Act (2009).

Whether we are creating new contracts or assessing existing contracts, SCHR can take the lead in ensuring that your employment documents are fulfilling your obligations as an employer.


Compliant employment policies and procedures ensure you can respond with confidence if your staff breach performance and/or conduct expectations.

To minimise risk to your organisation, you should undertake a review of your employment policies to ensure currency and that they reflect legislative and/or legal requirements.

HR Framework

We can help you ‘Set the Standard’ by supporting your efforts in implementing a robust HR Framework that reflects higher levels of performance and behaviour.

Our specialist consultants will review your existing HR policies, procedures and templates and work with you to upgrade your HR Framework, as necessary.

Depending on your needs, SCHR can:

  • Ensure legislated policies such as WHS, Bullying and Harassment, Grievance and complaints, and EEO/Discrimination are compliant with current legislation
  • Review and update your HR processes to ensure best-practice is implemented and practised business-wide
  • Customise a suite of policies to reflect your specific operational needs or industry requirements
  • Ensure employment documents such as contracts and position descriptions are up to date
  • Customise HR letter templates and correspondence to suit your business needs
  • Review and update your induction/on-boarding process ensuring compliance with current legislation
  • Implement methods for employee feedback and consultation
  • Upskill and support your existing HR resources allowing your team to learn through managed HR support and services
  • Review your current HR Information System (HRIS) and/or assist with the implementation of an HRIS that best suits your company needs
  • Conduct essential legislated policy induction training with all employees
  • Update and manage your employee grievance and dispute resolution processes in line with Fair Work and best-practice

Want to know more?

Download our HR Audit Brochure for more details