Employment Attachment Inventory Assessment

SCHR understands that engaging new staff comes at a significant cost to any organisation. Consider the cost to your business to identify, recruit, induct and train new employees. Now consider how much revenue your company needs to generate to break even on a new employee.

Cracking the code of reducing employee turnover and recruitment costs is a top priority for HR professionals and organisations worldwide.

The Employment Attachment Inventory (EAI) Assessment is a patented instrument which measures the strength of bond or attachment formed between a new employee and the organisation within the first 90 days.

The EAI measures 20 drivers of attachment and consists of a survey and report. New employees complete the "90 Day Onboarding Survey" (takes approximately 10-15 minutes) and from this an EAI feedback report is generated and sent to the manager.

The EAI feedback report contains valuable insights into the perceptions the new employee has formed during their on-boarding process.

Employee Detachment Inventory

Traditional Exit Surveys are often one sided; they seek feedback from the exiting employee and do little to engage the Manager in the process.

The EDI seeks feedback from both the existing Employee and the Manager. The goal of this process is to help Manager’s to achieve higher levels of engagement, retention and performance from your existing/future employees, by learning from their exiting Employees.

The Employee Detachment Inventory (EDI) provides Human Resource professionals with an objective methodology for measuring the perceptions of departing employees. It measures the degree to which various aspects of the employment experience impacted the employee's decision to leave.

The EDI can be used as a stand-alone exit measure or in conjunction with your interview process, using the results contained in this report as a basis for holding a targeted conversation.

The EDI is designed for use by the HR Consultant to guide targeted conversations with both the Employee & Manager.

Employee Connection Inventory

Based on Attachment and Detachment research, the Employee Connection Inventory (ECI) is a new employee engagement tool that provides a reliable measurement of relative push and pull forces that impact the strength of emotional bond held by an employee to an organisation at multiple time points in their employee life cycle.

The ECI instrument allows organisations to measure and track the changes in perception over time for any one employee or groups of employees, and supports the development of targeted strategies and actions to reduce the risk of unwanted attrition across a workforce.

The ECI can be used as a stand-alone measure or in conjunction with a talent review process.

By using the results contained in this report, we can conduct meaningful targeted conversation with employees about the push and pull forces that are impacting their perceptions, and jointly develop and agree a plan of action.

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