Why partner with us?

  • Flexible HR solutions

    Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is your HR Framework. Our flexible HR solutions allow you to focus on one project at a time, ensuring that your "big-ticket items" are addressed efficiently and challenges are resolved quickly. Instead of engaging someone on a full-time basis, you can engage our services as you need them, allowing you to manage your time and budget better.

  • Cost-effective

    Outsourcing your HR can help reduce some of the costs of having a full-time team at your organisation, as we only attend to those HR requirements when you need us. Our team of experts can add significant cost benefits by ensuring legislative and industry compliance are adhered to, reducing the potential of costly fines and legal fees. At SCHR, you will have access to HR products and a team with a variety of skills, expertise and knowledge. Outsourcing your HR will reduce on-costs and maximise productivity levels in this area.

  • Expert eyes on your HR practices

    Like many small business owners, you're handling human resources yourself, which can take a great deal of time away from other important tasks. In today’s business environment, managing employees can be time consuming, requiring specialised HR knowledge to avoid situations that can lead to disgruntled staff and costly outcomes.

    SCHR will provide you with a comprehensive review of your current HR framework, as well as guidance on what needs to be revised, updated, and compliant with federal, state, territory and local laws.

  • Improves your time management

    When you choose to outsource your HR Management to SCHR, you free up time to focus on your core business operations and priorities. You can leave all aspects of the employee life cycle in the hands of professionals, meaning less stress and responsibility of HR on you.

  • Provide an objective view of employment and industrial relations

    At SCHR, we pride ourselves on our integrity as HR professionals. Our HR team is dedicated to providing unbiased management of employment and industrial relation issues and claims, ensuring compliance with state and national legislation. We are there to ensure that any conflict that may arise is managed professionally, always seeking a solution that benefits all parties.

What's in a name

For those that don’t know a “Standard Candle” is a known luminous intensity or a known brightness. A candle flame is a known brightness, acts in a consistent and regular way and can be used as a precise form of measurement.

At Standard Candle HR, we consider our 'Known Brightness' to be our level of HR expertise.

Our HR support, guidance and products consistently set the standard by delivering measurable HR outcomes through improved people performance.

The values
that drive us

Our core values help guide how we make decisions, balance priorities and work together as one cohesive unit.

From teambuilding to giving back to our communities, We believe taking care of business begins with taking care of people.

  • Commitment

    We’re committed to assisting companies reach their business objectives with value added HR solutions.

  • Passion

    Our staff is dedicated to creating environments that influences people in realising their potential.

  • Reliability

    We consistently deliver HR services and programs that meet or exceed our clients expectations.

  • Integrity

    Honesty, consistency and accuracy underpins the way in which we deal with our clients on a daily basis.

Meet the team

Jan Marsden

Jan Marsden Director

Jan has over 20 years senior executive HR generalist experience and has been the director of Standard Candle HR for the last 8 years. Jan has a passion for people to 'realise their potential' imparting knowledge, experience and a direction for individuals to reach their goals. Her understanding of the business environment and the importance of people performance has assisted many companies achieve their strategic and operational results in competitive environments. This experience has proven invaluable allowing companies to take advantage of her management skills and HR knowledge at different stages of an organisations development.

Jan has a Masters of Management from Charles Sturt University and is known for her commitment, determination and ability to effectively communicate at board, senior management and staff level.

Rod Burdon

Rod Burdon Operations Manager

Rod, has enjoyed success in business for over 30 years.

From operational and marketing roles to a Director of his own company Rod has been a key contributor across a diverse range of industries throughout his working life.

Rod’s broad based business acumen together with a proven track record in sales and customer service provides SCHR with a deep understanding of what the client experience should look like.

Rod is particularly motivated to ensure that our HR support and programs will help create a pathway for our clients to achieve their business objectives through people development.

As Operations Manager, Rod's position underpins our efforts to ensure we deliver the right HR solutions.

Fiona Hobbs

Fiona Hobbs, Recruitment Specialist

Fiona Hobbs commenced with Inspire Success in 2012 as an HR Consultant. When Standard Candle HR acquired Inspire Success in 2017 Fiona decided to come along for the ride as our Senior HR Advisor!

Fiona offers a diverse range of experience across the Human Resources spectrum. Along with her marketing and PR skills, she has broad HR knowledge with over 20 years experience in talent acquisition, employee relations, HR advising and career guidance. She also has significant experience integrating HRIS systems and managing compliance issues.

Fiona offers a diverse knowledge across a wide range of industries including Not For Profit, Community Services, FMCG, Building and Construction, Hospitality, Education, The Arts/Media and Manufacturing. Fiona works extensively assisting new and existing businesses to establish and maintain strong and compliant human resource practices.

Fiona is charismatic and versatile, possessing excellent communication and interpersonal skills. She has the ability to build strong relationships with both internal and external stakeholders across all levels. Fiona has qualifications in Marketing, Sales, Public Relations and Human Resource Management.

Fiona enjoys spending time with her family and friends, cooking, reading and being outdoors. In her spare time, Fiona also enjoys volunteering as a mentor and support of mothers who are going through a career change and/or returning to the workforce.

Christine Kotsapas

Christine Kotsapas Senior HR Consultant

Christine is an established HR professional with experience across a variety of industries and we warmly welcome her to our team.

Christine’s approach focuses on building strong relationships with business partners and across all levels of an organisation to drive and influence solution-orientated outcomes. Christine coaches and leads with passion, energy, and a can-do attitude to achieve success.

Her experience has allowed her to build relationships across all levels of an organisation including senior and executive leadership teams. Christine’s passion is unlocking the potential in others, supported by her on-going professional development in completing a Bachelor Degree in Counselling and Coaching.

Christine thrives on a challenge; is highly motivated and pragmatic when offering HR solutions to key stakeholders and business partners. Consistently delivering outstanding results, performing with high energy, integrity, and professionalism.

Christine has a degree in HR Management (Organisational Coaching), is an engaging personality and has a wealth of knowledge and experience, enabling her to provide SCHR clients with the best possible HR support and guidance.

Kirsten Jowsey

Kirsten Jowsey HR Business Partner

Standard Candle HR is excited to welcome a new staff member to our team in the role of HR Business Partner, Kirsten Jowsey.

Our clients will benefit from Kirsten’s wealth of experience as an HR generalist. In particular, Kirsten can assist in key HR area’s such as HR Framework Implementation, HRIS implementation, Policy Development, Recruitment as well as IR, WHS and the Fair Work Performance Process.

Kirsten is an experienced HR professional, specialising in implementing the initial HR framework and independently managing an HR division for SME businesses. An ongoing feature of her previous employment has been the development and implementation of HR initiatives designed to improve overall productivity and employee engagement.

Kirsten has a solid background in talent acquisition with ten years of experience in the commercial recruitment and labour-hire, recruiting for positions across a wide range of industry sectors. During her time working in labour hire, Kirsten managed onsite human resources, labour hire and work health and safety operations for three leading FMCG and Freight Forwarding companies.

Kirsten has completed an Advanced Diploma in Human Resources Management and a dual diploma in Human Resources Management and Leadership and Management. She is also a member of the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI).

Francesca Dolly

Francesca Dolly Marketing Manager

Francesca Dolly is an experienced event and marketing specialist with a broad business background across multi-channel campaigns. She has worked in various industries and managed large-scale projects across events and marketing. She is highly organised, able to multi-task and known for her commitment, dedication and ability to effectively get the job done with a can-do attitude that strives to provide high-quality marketing services.

A multi-channel expert, Francesca has extensive experience and knowledge of WordPress, Mailchimp (to name a few crms), graphic design, copywriting, B2B and B2C social media, face-to-face and hybrid events, having worked for well-known Clients such as Cochlear, Mark Hodgson Consultancy, Abbvie, Warringah Rugby Club, Zoetis Animal Health to name a few.

Francesca Dolly has been with Standard Candle HR (SCHR) team since 2020. She is an experienced Marketing Manager who develops and manages the SCHR marketing programs. She works closely with the executive team across multi-channels (digital, branding, copywriting, email, and events). She supports the daily business objectives, leads acquisition, fosters customer retention, executes business development, provides sales support, and advances brand building.

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