30th April 2024

Are you spending too much valuable time on recruitment?

In the challenging landscape of recruitment, finding the right candidates can seem like an insurmountable task, particularly if you're navigating uncharted waters. Without a clear understanding of the process, recruitment can quickly become overwhelming and time-consuming.


At Standard Candle HR, we recognise that many businesses require support to focus on their core objectives: growth and customer service. That's why we offer a streamlined, cost-effective recruitment solution.


Your employees are the backbone of your organisation, and we're here to help you build a team that drives success. Partnering with Standard Candle HR means accessing a flexible recruitment strategy tailored to your needs. Our aim is simple: to identify candidates who not only fit your requirements but also contribute to the growth and prosperity of your business.


Here are some examples of roles we’ve recently helped to fill in the first quarter of 2024:


  • Accounts Officer, Sporting Equipment Fit Out Organisation
  • Team Leader / Operations Manager, NDIS Non for Profit Organisation
  • Food Safety Specialist and Trainer, Food Safety, ISO Training & HACCP Quality Assurance Consulting organisation


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Are you spending too much valuable time on recruitment?

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