6th March 2024

Showcase - Sandra Nogueira, General Manager, Tuga Patries Pty Ltd

Showcase - Sandra Nogueira, General Manager, Tuga Patries Pty Ltd


1. Why do you think it is important to celebrate International Women’s Day?

I think International Women’s Day is a good recognition for women and I support it on the generational gap aspect. I also think equality means the same for all so if we do it for one, we do it for all.

“All for one and one for all” (Motto from the Three Musketeers, by Alexandre Dumas).


2. What are some of the initiatives that Tuga Pastries has implemented or supported to promote gender equity internally?

We don’t see or identify genders at Tuga Pastries.  It is all about the capability of an individual to do the job and be the best available person (at the time). We come from a family society where men or women or alternative genders are equal and it is about whether the applicant can do the task at hand.  It is very important to accept all employees.


3. What does the idea of ‘power’ mean to you?

For me there is no power, it is knowledge that exists.  The knowledge to allow people around you to get the job done.  You don’t get the best out of people because of power. We have to do a job together as a team. Success is having successful people around me.


4. Do you consider yourself to be a powerful woman?

I consider myself as a knowledgeable woman, not a powerful one.  I allow people and things around me to enrich my life, instead of thinking things must enrich my life. 


Sandra’s quote: “Being grateful for what you have instead of ungrateful for what you don’t have.” 


5. As a young girl, what is one thing you would have liked to know ‘then’ about future life, work, family, love…? ie. What advice from another woman would have been of benefit to you?

When I was a young girl, I had the benefit of having strong, intelligent women around me, in my family. They appreciated what they had.  I was always taught to have “self-worth” and think there is nothing I cannot do.  We need to have more faith in ourselves and the confidence and strength to do what we want to do. For me to be fulfilled, I need to be “me”, not trying to be someone else. It goes back to having the confidence.


6. When you think of a great woman whom you admire and respect, who do you think of and why?

The Mum’s of my (Sandra’s) generation. The changing Mums that came from overseas and had to work, alongside their husbands, they had to be equal to make it happen. Work with their husbands ‘together’ to make a life. They were very strong women.


7. What are you most proud of doing?

Showing my son that his Mum and Dad can create good things. Achievement at the businesses I (Sandra) have been involved in and created.


8. What did you dream of doing when you were a little girl?

Being an Architect. I am the “architect of my own life’.  I have built what I wanted in my life.


9. Any other thoughts, comments, feedback?

I feel as a whole, women put boundaries on themselves.  Women need to prioritise what is important to them. There needs to be an understanding of ‘time value’ for each partnership. International Women’s Day means different things depending on individual people’s beliefs and upbringing. I would like all women to have joy, and self-worth and aspire to what they want to do. Women should follow their dreams, and values and have the confidence to stand up for themselves. International Women’s Day should be a celebration “every day”. 

Showcase - Sandra Nogueira, General Manager, Tuga Patries Pty Ltd

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