5th October 2023

Navigating the Multifaceted World of Redundancies

When the term "redundancy" is mentioned, emotions often surge to the forefront of our reactions. Concern quickly arise for the employees impacted, many of whom could be our co-workers and even friends.


Besides feeling for those affected, we also think about the company behind the redundancy, which could sometimes be our own employer While we might grasp the reasons behind the company's decisions, these feelings often get overshadowed by a whirlwind of emotions, spanning from frustration to scepticism to genuine concern.


While it is expected that some degree of distress accompanies redundancies the reality is that redundancies are often anything but straightforward and predictable. There are numerous factors to contemplate, steps to execute, and individuals to engage with.


Lets explore the challenges companies face when facing redundancies.


Legal Obligations

When contemplating redundancy, it is imperative for organisations to navigate the process with meticulous attention to legal considerations.

This entails adhering to guidelines outlined by Fair Work or the modern award, which are designed to safeguard employee rights and ensure a fair and transparent process.

A thorough understanding of legal obligations and a commitment to following established procedures is essential to mitigate potential legal risks and uphold the integrity of the redundancy process.



Consistency is paramount in communication during redundancy proceedings. Any deviation from this consistency can breed anger and mistrust among employees, an outcome no company desires during such a tumultuous period.

Leadership's messaging should stay resolute, adhering to the pre-established tone of precision, appreciation, and empathy.



It is important to acknowledge that finding a new employee often incurs significantly higher costs than retaining an existing one.

In the context of redundancy, remaining employees should be offered opportunities to engage with leadership, their immediate supervisors, and even external counsellors.

It has become common to provide employees with chances for skills enhancement and rebalancing their workloads.

Management should dedicate as much effort to support the existing workforce as they do to manage the redundant employees, reinstalling a strong sense of confidence and camaraderie.


Public Relations

In the context of prominent companies, media attention is nearly inevitable, with two critical aspects to consider: the announcement and the reason.

The Announcement: The decision to publicly announce a redundancy can be debated. It hinges on a company's history, reputation, and the specifics of the redundancy rationale. If there's a clear and justifiable reason, along with empathy for those affected, managing media relations should not pose significant challenges.

The Reason: Transparency and justifiability in explaining the redundancy's rationale are crucial, whether driven by recession-related cost-cutting or strategic shifts due to acquisitions. Open and clear communication with the media is vital, as vague explanations may invite probing inquiries and potential harm to the company's reputation.


Outplacement Services

Outplacement services can vary widely, including career guidance, access to coaches, interview training, resume assistance, and professional development for career transitions.

Regardless of the service level, it's increasingly common and expected to support former employees and bolster a company's reputation for attracting new talent.

In the multifaceted world of redundancies, one thing remains clear: the way we handle these challenges reflects the character of our organisations.


As HR professionals, managers, and leaders, we must continue to evolve, learning from each redundancy and refining our processes.


Organisations should approach these complexities with empathy, transparent communication, and a steadfast dedication to supporting our employees through every transition. In doing so, you can transform the daunting task of redundancy into an opportunity for growth, resilience, and a brighter future for all.
Navigating the Multifaceted World of Redundancies

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