17th March 2023

Out of Office Reminder – what a great staffing initiative.

The team at Standard Candle HR came across a great post on LinkedIn last week that saw Organon ANZ champion women's health by allowing all their staff to take the day for International Women's day so they could focus on their health and support the women in their lives.

This great staffing initiative got us thinking about how companies can motivate employees and retain top talent. Here are out-of-the-box benefits for 2023!


Annual company kick offs, staff conferences or team building events are designed to keep staff motivated and excited for the year ahead, by organizing yearly team meetings.

Onsite childcare or other childcare support for parents can be provided to ease the burden of working parents and make it easier for them to manage work and family responsibilities.

A four-day-work-week or compressed week with Fridays off can offer employees a better work-life balance and increase their job satisfaction.

Half-day Fridays during summer months can be implemented as a way to promote work-life balance and help employees enjoy the summer season.

Paid volunteer days can be provided to encourage employees to participate in volunteer activities, which can help them give back to the community and develop new skills.

Christmas Shopping day, offering a bonus day off during a week in Deccember for staff to go Christmas shopping and beat the weekend stress.

A pet-friendly workplace can offer staff members the chance to bring their fur, feathered, or scaled babies to the office daily or occasionally, which can enhance their well-being and reduce stress.

Providing delivery access, which is a service delivery drivers already provide to the business, can give employees peace of mind for their personal purchases.

A birthday off is a low-cost benefit that speaks to job seekers, as it not only provides a bonus day with pay but also shows that the employer remembers and values their employees' special day.

Financial planning can be offered as a benefit to help employees gain a better understanding of how to manage budgets and finances, which can increase their financial literacy and reduce stress related to financial issues.


Although small to medium-sized businesses may not be able to compete with larger corporations in their industry, they can still attract job seekers by offering unique and cost-effective perks that larger companies may not provide. By thinking outside the box and considering benefits that employees value, small businesses can make it easier to attract and retain top talent.


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Out of Office Reminder – what a great staffing initiative.

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