25th October 2022

Planning HR Projects for 2023.

Outsourcing - Flexible HR Solutions


As businesses prepare for 2023, uncertain economic conditions, talent shortages, internal projects and required innovation, the traditional recruiting pipeline may not be the best fit for bringing in the talent and skills the organisation needs.


Historically, organisations have relied on full-time human resources; however, organisations should consider leveraging contingent labour. Recruiting and sourcing approaches need updating to attract resources with the highly sought-after skills and experiences required in today's environment. Talented HR Managers are low in supply and high in demand.


Many businesses are planning to outsource Human Resources to companies like Standard Candle HR (SCHR).


At SCHR, we tailor our services and HR solutions to meet your business needs, from one-off project engagements to ongoing support to companies from various sectors, industries and sizes.


Check out some of the HR projects we have managed for our Clients:


Project 1 - Performance Development Reviews (PDR)

Firstly identify the Key Result Areas (KRA) for Employees and Managers to rate and comment on, for example, Attention to detail, building rapport, teamwork, managing conflict, planning and organising.

The PDR form is sent to the employee to complete their 'self-assessment' on ratings (1 – 5) and comments.

Each manager then submits ratings and comments on their staff to reflect their feedback on the employee's performance over the past 12 months on each KRA.

The date/time is agreed upon to meet and review the ratings (self and managers) and comments.

Where necessary, SCHR provided constructive feedback on areas of improvement, with a plan moving forward.

The employee had an opportunity to ask questions and discuss professional development (on the job and/or external) before signing off on the PDR and any action items are agreed and worked on.


Project 2 - Employee engagement

One-on-one (1:1) confidential meetings (online mostly if geographical challenges) with employees to discuss;

What they like about their role and the company;
Performance expectations and support;
Overall communication;
Any frustrations; and
General improvement suggestions.

A report is produced with an anonymous summary of feedback for the CEO/MD to review.

A meeting is organised for SCHR to go through the report with the CEO/MD to determine the next steps and prioritise actions, being mindful of compliance, resourcing and financial commitments.

Communication with staff and confirmation of actions and timing.


Project 3 - Employment documentation, compliance work

Setting up policies, procedures, induction process, employment documents, implementing performance reviews and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Established all actions and timings of implementation to be;

Develop documentation and employment contracts in line with Fair Work legislation and legal requirements
Develop a PowerPoint/video induction presentation on HR policies and procedures
Consultation with staff to allow questions and feedback
Implementation actioned


Project 4 – Human Resources Information System (HRIS) Implementation

A compatible HRIS can streamline your Company's HR processes and ensure compliance through cloud-based HR software.

SCHR consults with our clients to determine what they need from an HRIS. Based on their response, we will source suitable platforms and leverage our partners, Employment Hero and enableHR.

Alongside functionality, budget considerations are a key part of choosing the right HRIS. Make sure that the choices you have gathered have a realistic price point for your company's budget. It's important to remember that an HRIS isn't just an upfront cost.


Project 5 - Grievance Management and Workplace Investigation

Interview with the complainant – the manager or designated Investigator to arrange a confidential interview to discuss the situation.

Complete a formal investigation ensuring procedural fairness – the respondent must be informed of the allegations and that a formal investigation is to be conducted.

Interview any witnesses nominated by the complainant – individuals will be interviewed separately, and a full written record will be prepared, which each interviewee signs.

Interview the accused individual(s) – The Investigator will arrange a time to meet with the respondent and advise them that they can bring a support person to the meeting.

Interview any witnesses nominated by the accused individual and complainant – individuals will be interviewed separately, and a full written record will be prepared, which each interviewee signs.

Determination – the Investigator, will need to decide, having reviewed all of the interviews, of the incident and finalise a report on the balance of probability.


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Planning HR Projects for 2023.

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