14th July 2022

The importance of Human Resources functions in business.

In HR Online, Fair Work and contract case in the Federal Court reported that a racing club had been hit with a massive payout amounting to $2.8 million after a long-serving manager was bullied, subjected to an "overbearing micromanagement style", and effectively driven out of the business.

The Federal Court ruled last December that the company was negligent in preventing the employee from psychiatric harm. It found that the club's CEO breached the company's contract with the manager by withholding her benefits and denying her bonus. Among other things, it found the CEO engaged in bullying behaviour, such as singling her out, micromanaging her tasks, and distracting her from work with relentless emails. She was also denied her benefits that were willingly offered to other staff members and was performance managed after she complained of work-related stress.

Upon investigation by the Board, the CEO was asked to resign after the racing club enlisted an external HR facilitator to investigate his behaviour after the employee’s complaint.

Interestingly, this case highlights the importance of an organisation having access to dedicated HR or a people management function. This showcases a critical risk in a business because the employer lacked internal or external HR expertise.

Does your business have access to a dedicated HR or people management function? Is your company also at risk because of this lack of HR expertise?

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The importance of Human Resources functions in business.

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