30th May 2022

Webinar with a leading expert in Agile Safe Workplaces, Bill Jacobs.

It's clear that the hybrid office model is here to stay in some form or another, and employers must adopt a risk management strategy that protects their employees, themselves (directors), and the business.


Having staff work from home can deliver significant cost savings and productivity gains for businesses. Organisations with staff working from home should be prepared to invest some of those gains to ensure employees are working remotely in a safe environment. Education and raising awareness of potential risks is the first step in that process.


Employers have a legal obligation to provide a safe and compliant workplace, and employees have a right to expect that. Undertaking a cost effective and comprehensive WHS assessment of each employee's workplace is essential for employers to ensure that those workplaces are safe and meet their compliance obligations. Providing flexible working arrangements, including working from home, is rapidly becoming ‘the norm’ and employers need to facilitate expected safety measures if they wish to become employers of choice.


Our webinar on Agile Safe Workplaces provided insights as to:

The general misconception that the most significant risk for staff working from home is associated with ergonomics
Being aware of the potential risks both likelihood and if deemed as a serious incident
Ergonomics based checklists are often not sufficient to manage the risk associated with staff working from home.
Are Employer's WHS obligations are different/less for staff working from home than working in the office?
Common view: Identifying and managing risk associated with staff working from home is too difficult to undertake and excessively costly and onerous.


We received excellent feedback from our Webinar, and we hope that the information we provided can help guide you and your organisation to understanding Agile Safe Workplaces.


In conjunction with our Webinar, as a special offer, we provide one (1) free hour of consultation to either individuals or groups via phone or zoom to listen and discuss your Agile Safe Workplaces concerns. This offer is valid for 30 days from 30 May 2022. If you are interested in our offer and want to book your timeslot, then please feel free to contact us either by:


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Webinar with a leading expert in Agile Safe Workplaces, Bill Jacobs.

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