1st October 2021

What happens if an employee refuses to be vaccinated?

THERE are a growing number of industries and businesses standing firm on their vaccine requirement, stating that their employees will need to get ‘the jab or no job’. For example, QANTAS and fruit and vegetable processor SPC were among the first to take this position.

For most organisations, the Covid-19 vaccination is voluntary, and employees cannot be forced to receive the vaccine. COVID Safe businesses and organisations are committed to getting back to work while protecting their employees, community and preventing the spread of COVID-19.

In the event, an employee refuses to agree with the organisation’s mandate of, “No jab, No job?” Standard Candle HR recommends meeting with the individual to discuss their reasons for doing so. The company and employee can discuss and consider alternative arrangements such as (but not limited to):

  • Working from Home options
  • Wearing a mask at all times in the office
  • Deployment to an employment hub situated within or outside the business, that has a more suitable/safe environment for non-vaccinated staff, to ensure they can continue to work safely.
  • If both parties still cannot agree to alternative work arrangements, this will inevitably have a negative impact on the business as the employee now cannot fulfill their role as they were employed to do.

At this stage there are a number of paths that can be taken and Standard Candle HR can offer advice around all alternatives available and provide further support with ongoing vaccination policy.

If you need help with your vaccination policy or would like us to facilitate the employee discussions, we’d love to hear from you.

What happens if an employee refuses to be vaccinated?

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