14th October 2021

Mandatory vaccination pack

The Fair Work Ombudsman has advised that employers can direct employees to be vaccinated if the direction is lawful and reasonable. A range of factors may be relevant when determining whether a direction to an employee is suitable. The Fair Work Ombudsman has developed a general guide to dividing work into four broad tiers. Most employers will employ workers who fall into more than one of the tiers, and requiring some employees to be vaccinated may be reasonable, while for others, it may be not.

Standard Candle HR can research your business and industry to determine if the direction of mandatory vaccination is lawful and reasonable. We have specialist legal resources available (that we can connect you with), or we work with your chosen legal provider to supply you with a number of documents tailored to your requirements.

The following documents can be included in the pack:

  • Covid-19 Vaccination Information statement.
  • Covid-19 Policy for retail and hospitality employees.
  • Workplace consultation guide.
  • Employment contract template with a clause on COVID-19 vaccination.
  • Invitation to consultation meeting because of refusal of mandatory vaccine.
  • Letters and correspondence to staff.

Standard Candle HR strongly recommend seeking legal advice before pursuing mandatory vaccination.
If you need help with your Mandatory Vaccination Pack or would like us to facilitate the employee discussions, we’d love to hear from you. Call 1300 620 100 today.

Mandatory vaccination pack

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