1st December 2020

Career transitioning

Are you thinking about the future?

SCHR will show you how to use your skills, experience and technology to your advantage when applying for jobs. We will support you to prepare for your next role!

You will receive practical support and advice to:

  • Understand and consider your options;
  • Identify your interests, goals, motivations, values and ethics to align to a particular role or industry;
  • Audit your skills and look at what you know and how your skills might be transferrable – brainstorm ways in which they may help you progress to that next role;
  • Complete a self-awareness task and identify your work ‘style’;
  • Update and tailor your resume, job applications and cover letters for the jobs you want to apply for;
  • Understand where to search and apply for jobs and how potential employers can contact you;
  • Learn how to utilise and grow your network with technology;
  • Brush up on your interview skills by preparing typical interview questions and become confident in ‘selling’ yourself.

Our objective at SCHR is to collaborate with you by providing the tools and information that will support you with a smooth transition in finding and securing your dream job!

Searching for a new role that you actually want and enjoy takes time, effort and patience. Preparation is Key! Whether you are moving to a new company by choice, making a complete career change, stood down due to a pandemic, experienced redundancy, or downsizing to retirement, the career transition process can be daunting knowing where to start.

SCHR can help you navigate the process, assisting you with everything from researching your dream role to brushing up your interview skills. If you would like help with your career transition, please contact our support team on 1300 620 100

Career transitioning

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