29th September 2020

Phase 3 - Exiting COVID-19

Business Recovery Solutions.

It is very possible that at the end of this process and at the conclusion of the Pandemic, your business will have undergone significant change. What does your company look like now and how will you sustain your new business model and grow in an uncertain economic climate and achieve your ongoing financial objectives?

  • Consider the below operational strategies:
  • After the battle – what does your company look like now?
  • What does your competition look like now?
  • Assess flexible workplace arrangements, remote style working.
  • What was the performance of your people during the crisis?
  • How flexible are you really?
  • Planning for long term sustainability.
  • Meeting ongoing industry changes.
  • Planning financial and operational recovery after COVID-19.
  • Future technical requirements.
  • Complying with ongoing government legislation.
  • What will be the financial impact from ongoing productivity gains?

Consider the below HR Operational strategies:

  • Investing in HR.
  • Company structure: ensuring the right people are in the right positions.
  • Develop HR strategic plans to support people, operational requirements, financial and continuity plans.
  • Learning and development needs analysis, of remaining staff.
  • Creating a flexible workforce.
  • How do I get the best out of my people?
  • What’s in it for staff? (Motivating and engaging staff in the ‘new world’)
  • Career transitioning and jobseeker assistance to redundant employees?
  • Identification of ongoing training needs.
  • Leadership and management requirements
  • Future workforce planning/labour needs analysis.
  • If required, implement HRIS training
Phase 3 - Exiting COVID-19

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