29th September 2020

Phase 2 - Considering the future

Future Planning, Change Management, Re-shaping, Transitioning through COVID-19.

Now that you have assessed your current position, the second phase of your workforce and business continuity plan consists of not only transitioning through the current crisis but planning to exit COVID-19 in the best possible shape. Preparing financially, being acutely aware of workforce capacity and capability, determining other potential risks or upside, gaining an understanding of ‘how can we do this better’ and identifying the right people and real leaders are some of the planning strategies that will support your immediate future as you exit COVID-19. The success of your longer term business plan will rely on the planning you commit to now!

Consider the below operational strategies:

  • Forecasting revenue and financial outcomes based on best- and worst-case scenarios
  • Redeveloping operational and business plans for the next six to twelve months
  • Develop HR strategic plans to support operational and continuity plans
  • Align labour costs to financial expectations
  • Identifying the areas of your organisation that are likely to recover first
  • Forecasting for growth (where will this happen first?)
  • Technological requirements to sustain, improve and transition through COVID-19
  • Assessing the immediate impact to your financial position once Government subsidies are removed

Consider the below HR operational strategies:

  • How can HR help our business
  • Analyse and design the organisational structure based on future need
  • Analyse position descriptions and assess skill set requirements
  • Assess skill set of current employees
  • Preparing for voluntary resignation and further turnover
  • Preparing redundancies and managing labour costs
  • The critical role of competent leadership through change management
  • Preparing communication strategies
  • Assessing training requirements
  • Managing a virtual team and remote workforce sustainability
  • How can I streamline processes and increase productivity
Phase 2 - Considering the future

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