29th September 2020

Phase 1 - What is your current position

Assessing your operational requirements within the current business climate

The first phase of your workforce and business continuity planning should consist of an analysis of your organisation within the current climate. Utilising the information available to you now, you must quickly identify cash flow and liquidity and take a realistic view of your current options and workforce capacity and capability.

Identifying and mitigating the financial impacts of COVID-19. Consider:

  • Ensure trading and cash flow forecasts are integrated
  • Model a ‘downside scenario’ to understand potential risks
  • Assess the impact of Australian Government Stimulus Support: Job Keeper/Job Seeker Payments, Small Business allowances
  • Other Tax incentives & Support Schemes (ie. Cash Boost)
  • Bank Assistance
  • Seek Financial Advice

How will your staff be impacted? Consider these Workforce Planning Strategies:

  • Are we HR prepared
  • Identifying your company’s needs
  • Identifying the short-term impacts on your workforce
  • Managing your business through forced closures
  • How and when to initiate a company restructure
  • Stand down and/ or redundancies
  • Offering flexible workplace arrangements to retain staff
  • Workplace consultation obligations
  • WHS/ WFH Obligations
  • Business continuity planning and mobilising a remote workplace
  • Preparing for change management

Keeping your operations afloat. Consider these Operational Planning Strategies:

  • Keeping informed with COVID-19 resources
  • Everything has changed – how to manage and lead in the "new way of doing business"
  • Remote workforce; financial benefits and complications of managing a virtual team
  • Is an HR Information System (HRIS) worthwhile
  • Technological requirements in order to sustain your operations
  • Downsizing or changing the office space/premises
  • Explore opportunities to increase productivity
Phase 1 - What is your current position

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