1st March 2017

Are you thinking about the future?

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, business leaders are grappling with difficult workforce questions.

Information provided by both local and federal governments can make it difficult for leaders to make informed and practical decisions. Understanding this information can be overwhelming and complicated.

As the Pandemic situation continues to develop and changes regularly, leaders should carefully and continually assess the changing conditions in their organisations, their industry and the economy, as well as consider their employee’s concerns and well-being.

We believe that leaders need a strategic approach to their workforce and business continuity planning, while also remaining flexible to the changing conditions.

Our objective at SCHR is to collaborate with you by providing a business brief from which your leaders can draw on to help create a business plan that not only meets the existing challenges but more importantly sets the frame work for implementing a COVID-19 exit plan that must include critical workforce planning strategies to achieve ongoing financial objectives.

Creating a smooth transition from COVID-19 to the longer term future will be the key to a successful organisation going forward.

Are you thinking about the future?

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