Webinar Invitation – Staying connected to your staff in a challenging environment.

Free to Attend Webinar Thursday 29 October 2020 10.00am-10.30am


Your employees are the heartbeat of your company. With so much change in our lives and our workplace, it is vital that businesses truly understand the needs of their staff as they work remotely from each other.


Staying connected and believing in the common cause, the ‘Business Objective” is a challenge for all but in particular for senior management and their managers as they seek contribution and to maintain productivity levels from all their staff.


How do you keep staff connected ensuring their participation, wellbeing and job satisfaction? How do managers identify risk and potential in the ‘New Workplace’? These are important questions, that I hope I can help you with in my upcoming webinar.


If you would like to know more – then please join me for a free to attend webinar on Thursday 29 October 2020 from 10.00am.


In 20-minutes, I will share my thoughts and provide some practical ideas that can help managers and their staff drive business results in a challenging environment.

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