Team Dynamics


Why do you need Team Dynamics Training?

As a leader, you depend on your team to deliver. Unfortunately, many teams operate in ways that undermine their ability to produce positive results.

Having an understanding of behavioral patterns and how team members relate to each other is an important aspect of managing the team's expectations. The DiSC profiling tool can be an invaluable asset in this situation, as it can be used to help identify the behavioral pattern of individuals prior to selecting a team and used as a guide once the team is established.

Of course, when issues arise it’s easy to point the finger at those “troublesome team members”. It’s common for teams to malfunction, however; your acts of leadership and what you do as a team leader/manager will make a difference.

Once a team is established it’s crucial to take the first step in the right direction.

Support and guidance is required to ensure that some of the most common issues do not arise such as;

  • Not creating a team vision
  • Not speaking up
  • Bypassing follow through and accountability
  • Avoiding conflict within the team
  • Not addressing communication gaps
  • Fixing the wrong problem


Your role as a leader will determine the direction, behavior, performance and ultimately successful outcome.

At Standard Candle HR, we help team leaders and team members identify the early signs of team malfunctions and how to implement basic strategies to bring the team “Back on Track”.

If you need help in areas of team dynamics or DiSC Profiling then please contact us for more information

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