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Apercu EDI was born out of the need to understand more about how staff surveys, engagement, leadership, and culture contribute to business profitability.

Apercu EDI is a 'Business Intelligence' company that uses advanced software to create trends and predictive views. It does this by examining the culture, leadership, and engagement of an organisation on a regular basis

As companies build their talent base it’s essential that culture within the business be measured and predicted at any given time. We know that internal and external employee movement can have an effect on existing culture and for that reason, it’s critical to gain an impression of any cultural shift that may impact future growth

It’s for this reason Apercu EDI is an important tool in identifying future cultural and collaborative trends.

So how does it work?

Apercu combines psychology, research, and science to create a unique formula.

Employees are regularly asked between 6 and 15 psychologically validated questions. These are then analyzed by propriety software proving an insight into hot spots in your organization around leadership, culture, and engagement. Apercu then compares this information against organizational metrics and predicts what will happen to those metrics over the next 3 months if there are no interventions. Apercu can tell what is most likely causing these problems. who in your organization you need to focus on, how you can measure any strategic response, what you can do that is practical and will improve the situation and how you can track the progress.

Apercu is unique in that uses people and their engagement with leadership and culture to predict business outcomes, it then uses intervention strategies to alter the predicted course to advantage. Apercu considers the successful implementatio0n of strategies more important than the significance of the information gathered.

A business that reacts positively and quickly to this information will gain a massive advantage. It is an action-orientated tool with an outcome focus that sets targets accordingly. Apercu outcomes are practical because of the precision gained in valuation.


Is it of benefit to you and your company to have an understanding of the cultural pathway your organization or department is trending towards? If the answer is ‘Yes’ then Apercu EDI is a product that will help your organization.

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