At Standard Candle HR, we provide quality HR programs across the workplace environment.

Our aim is to help individuals grow personally and professionally work within a team environment and be identified in their workplace as a potential leader. We provide programs to help individuals attain a level of skill that will enable them to take on leadership roles when required. We achieve this by implementing cutting edge HR programs that challenge the individual and engages the organisation in each stage of their people development.

Our products add value by helping companies understand that with the right leadership and a motivated work force a ‘Buy In’ culture can be sustained. Our HR workplace programs are designed to underpin the professional and personal development of each employee.

These programs provide the opportunity for ongoing self-assessment of where individual strengths and weaknesses lie and how teams and individuals react to one another in a structured and sometimes challenging workplace.

At Standard Candle HR, we work alongside you to deliver practical HR products and systems that help provide leadership and a clear understanding of each individual’s responsibilities and how best they can work with others to achieve their individual goals.

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