Salary Reviews

A Salary Review Evaluation is always full of expectation.

It's most likely that the employee believes that they have done enough to get that pay rise. Of course, the real situation is that the employer is considering their financial situation and the real value of the employee's performance.

No doubt that Leadership Development and DiSC analysis in conjunction with training on how to conduct a Performance Appraisal will provide a good basis for knowing the best way to proceed.

What is most vital though….. is that you are prepared for the meeting!

Initiating 'Key Elements' such as;

  • The establishment of a fair rating system that is easy to understand
  • A Salary Review Form
  • Is the Salary in line with either Industry trends or CPI
  • Reviewing Role Descriptions – Against existing requirements of the Role
  • Performance Measurement

We also believe there a seven principles for ensuring a well defined process.

Applying these will keep you on track and help outcomes that are acceptable to both parties.

If you would like to know more about this process and how these set of principles can help deliver your next salary review, then contact us now at Standard Candle HR, we'll guide you through this process.

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