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Some companies resist the need for HR due to mixed emotions on just how much benefit it can be for the business. As a company grows, a staff member not skilled in HR, might assume the part time HR role ‘reacting’ to the ever increasing demands of their employees.

Without direction and the ‘HR Basics’ in place the individual can be overwhelmed and the role compromised. This may lead to breaches of government regulations.


Is this scenario familiar to you?

It has now become obvious the business needs to invest in a greater level of HR expertise….but where do you start?

Standard Candle HR can assist by conducting a total review of your HR landscape. We concentrate our efforts on compliance and well-being, preparing documents and initiating workplace practises that comply with fair work and other government regulations. Once this is complete the ‘HR Basics’ have then been established.

The next step is to ensure that the HR role becomes proactive. This can be achieved by introducing surveys that provide feedback on how engaged or attached an employee is to the company.

Retention surveys such as the new Employee Attachment Inventory (EAI) and Apercu EDI, generate reports that identify areas that require attention from which workplace development programs can be initiated. We continue to work with you providing HR guidance and support either online or on-site as required.


HR On-Site Extended Projects

Periodically, as a part of your business requirements, there may be a need for additional HR support for particular projects over an extended period of time. This type of work may include an HR document audit, workforce planning or company restructure etc…Standard Candle HR can work with you to plan an effective schedule that balances the need for on-site and off-site assistance over the course of the project. Your business can benefit from this as it allows for ‘Business as Usual” to continue while engaging expertise that can help complete the project on time and within budget.

So, if you need help with extended projects, an HR Review or ‘Start Up’ of your HR function, then please contact us now.

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