Employee Management

Induction / On-Boarding


It’s providing information, guidance, and support to new employees enabling them to adjust to their environment and become productive sooner.

Standard Candle HR can assist with a structured program that when implemented will consistently provide detailed orientation, company knowledge, and on-the-job training through effective communication and feedback mechanisms.


This is a broader term and has a more comprehensive goal and perspective.

Induction tends to have a ‘Process Focus’. On-Boarding encompasses the complete range of tasks and requirements needed when engaging a new employee in your organisation up to the 90 day/3 month period.

The goal is to accommodate, assimilate and accelerate a new team member into their roles. It is a continuous process that may extend for weeks or months rather than the usual few days of induction.

Standard Candle HR has a user-friendly online survey called the “Employee Attachment Inventory” (EAI) that is cost effective and provides an insight as to how attached the new employee is to the organisation after the first 90 days.

If you would like to know more about how this can help your company then please contact us at Standard Candle HR.


If hiring the right person for the role is critical for your business….. then it’s vital that the position reflects an accurate description of what the employee’s job entails and will be measured against.

A job role reacting to a changing environment can mean that it no longer fits the scope of the original job specification. This can have a negative impact on work flow and those staff members employed within their team. The result of this might be inefficiency or an employee not satisfied with their role or no longer engaged with the company.

Role Descriptions and the construction of them can be time-consuming. AT STANDARD CANDLE HR, WE CAN HELP.

We first seek to understand your structure and processes. We then work with you to provide well laid out and easy to read role descriptions that accurately reflect the tasks and responsibilities dedicated to each position. This creates a foundation for job satisfaction, effective work flow and a proper measuring tool for setting KPI’s, salary expectations and delivering feedback on performance.

We provide templates and expert guidance that will help save you time when you next need to construct a Role Description. Contact us now for more information on how we can help.


A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) can be defined as “Providing the most Important Performance Information” that enables organisations and their stakeholders to understand whether business objectives are being met.

If the plan is for each individual to have their own productivity goals while working as a collective unit, how then do you measure an individuals success or failure within that team environment?

It’s ‘Best Practise’ for each individual to have a set of Key Performance Indicators that relate to performance against objective. Collectively these KPI’s will mirror the planned activity/productivity required to achieve the business objective. Without them you do not have a proper measuring tool from which you can gain any indication of success or failure for either individual or team.

So KPI’s are a critical measurement tool. Selecting the right indicators and the number of KPI’s is also important.

At Standard Candle HR we assist you in setting ‘SMART’ Key Performance Indicators that helps your organisation understand its performance in relation to their strategic goals.

Contact us now for any assistance. We have the expertise and toolkit to help guide you through the implementation of your next KPI program.

Performance Management

It’s critical to follow a formal Performance Management process in line with HR best practice and Fair Work guidelines. It’s of equal importance to have managers with the confidence and expertise to deliver the message!

We assist companies and their managers by guiding them through a plan – monitor – review process that delivers employee improvement outcomes.

Those Outcomes Include:

  • Effective delivery of the performance management process.
  • Ability to address and resolve poor performance
  • Understand the need for regular feedback

Our role can be one of guidance prior to the meeting assisting with coaching and setting improvement goals or on site in a 3rd party support function meeting with management and the employee. We then help with the follow up review process and advise on other measures that may be required such as;

appropriate TrainingCoachingMentoring.


If you need guidance with any Performance Management issue, then please contact us now.


There are many different ways an employee might be separated from their employer. Separations maybe initiated by the employer and others like retirement and resignation are generally “voluntary”.

Please remember that any separation process might be an emotional time for the employee so care and sensitivity is important in ensuring a successful and dignified departure.

Standard Candle HR can assist in all of these circumstances by providing guidance on the correct procedure to follow. Our experience has shown that an external party can be the perfect link between employer and employee in what can sometimes be a difficult situation.

We can help. So please contact us for any guidance on how to proceed with employee separation.


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