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Jan Marsden

A Message from our Director at Standard Candle HR – JAN MARSDEN.

At SCHR we thank you for your continued support and positive feedback we receive from our clients in regard to our HR advice and guidance.

The coronavirus has brought on a whole new way of living and significantly impacted our private lives, the way we do business together and interact with one another. While our pathway forward continues to challenge us, it’s important that we continue to look forward, integrating technologies, a community spirit and a focus on working smarter to achieve our business goals.

Employees are the heartbeat of our business but working remotely has led to an increase in employees becoming disconnected from their workplace and colleagues. We believe it’s vital, that our business leaders, communicate with their employees, continue to focus on people development and understand the importance of employee welfare and wellbeing.

A business with the right people management strategies in place will ensure their employees stay connected to each other, underpinning its strength and success through COVID and beyond.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require assistance with people management strategies or other pressing HR matters. We wish you well as you navigate your way through these difficult times.

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Create a learning environment that influences and educates people to realise their potential.


We consistently deliver HR services and programs that meet or exceed our clients expectations.


We believe in honesty, consistency and accuracy.

It underpins the way in which we deal with our clients on a daily basis.



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