Future Planning

Free Webinar. Supporting a Positive Workplace Culture.

Register Now Free to Attend with leading HR experts Kirsten Jowsey and Jan Marsden on Thursday 12 August 2021 at 10.00am-10.30am. A recent article in HR Online, Sick of the chronic complainer? Here’s how to fix their behaviour started a Standard Candle HR discussion around how leaders create a non-toxic work environment.  Leadership and conflict…

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Career Transitioning

Are you thinking about the future? SCHR will show you how to use your skills, experience and technology to your advantage when applying for jobs. We will support you to prepare for your next role! You will receive practical support and advice to: Understand and consider your options; Identify your interests, goals, motivations, values and…

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Phase 2 – Considering the Future

Future Planning, Change Management, Re-shaping, Transitioning through COVID-19. Now that you have assessed your current position, the second phase of your workforce and business continuity plan consists of not only transitioning through the current crisis but planning to exit COVID-19 in the best possible shape. Preparing financially, being acutely aware of workforce capacity and capability,…

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