Career Transitioning

Are you thinking about the future? SCHR will show you how to use your skills, experience and technology to your advantage when applying for jobs. We will support you to prepare for your next role! You will receive practical support and advice to: Understand and consider your options; Identify your interests, goals, motivations, values and…

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Phase 3 – Exiting COVID-19

Business Recovery Solutions. It is very possible that at the end of this process and at the conclusion of the Pandemic, your business will have undergone significant change. What does your company look like now and how will you sustain your new business model and grow in an uncertain economic climate and achieve your ongoing…

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Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, business leaders are grappling with difficult workforce questions. Information provided by both local and federal governments can make it difficult for leaders to make informed and practical decisions. Understanding this information can be overwhelming and complicated. As the Pandemic situation continues to develop and changes regularly, leaders should carefully and continually…

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