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When we were considering a name we wanted it to define our purpose. We discovered the term Standard Candle and was immediately drawn to what it stands for and how it was used as a measurement tool.

For those that don’t know a “Standard Candle” is a known luminous intensity or a known brightness. A candle flame is a known brightness, acts in a consistent and regular way and can be used as a precise form of measurement.

A number of candle flames were used in an experiment as a part of a 10 year project to measure the expansion of the universe. This led to a Nobel prize in physics in 2012.

At Standard Candle HR we consider our ‘Known Brightness’ to be our level of HR expertise.

Our HR support, guidance and products consistently sets the standard by delivering measurable HR outcomes through improved people performance.


We seek to maximise a company's growth with recruitment, development and talent management initiatives, empowering people with HR workplace programs that encourages team work, challenges individuals and helps identify future leaders.


Attention to Detail

We apply a forensic methodology to understand your existing HR landscape.

Organising and Planning

Our 'hands on' engagement and operating model balances the need to meet short term goals with programs that align with long term business objectives.

Leadership/Strategic Thinking

We initiate a comprehensive growth management approach based on improved people performance, workforce modelling and succession plans.

Meet The Team

Jan Marsden

Jan Marsden

Jan Marsden

Jan has over 13 years senior executive HR generalist experience and a broad business background originating from Sales and Customer Service. Jan has passion for people to 'realise their potential' imparting knowledge, experience and a direction for individuals to reach their goals. Her understanding of the business environment and the importance of people performance has assisted many companies achieve their strategic and operational results in competitive environments. This experience has proven invaluable allowing companies to take advantage of her management skills, HR knowledge at different stages of an organisations development.

Jan has a Masters of Management from Charles Sturt University and is known for her commitment, determination and ability to effectively communicate at board, senior management and staff level.


Rod Burdon

Standard Candle HR - Rod Burdon

Rod Burdon
Admin & Client Services

Rod, has enjoyed success in business for over 30 years.

From operational and marketing roles to a Director of his own company Rod has been a key contributor across a diverse range of industries throughout his working life.

Rod’s broad based business acumen together with a proven track record in sales and customer service provides SCHR with a deep understanding of what the client experience should look like.

Rod is particularly motivated to ensure that our HR support and programs will help create a pathway for our clients to achieve their business objectives through people development.

As he says, ‘It’s all about outcomes driven by client expectations'.

Rod’s position as Admin and Client Services underpins our efforts to ensure we deliver the right HR solutions.

We welcome Rod’s experience and business knowledge to the team.

Fiona Hobbs

Fiona Hobbs - Standard Candle HR

Fiona Hobbs
Senior HR Advisor

Fiona Hobbs commenced with Inspire Success in 2012 as an HR Consultant. When Standard Candle HR acquired Inspire Success in 2017 Fiona decided to come along for the ride as our Senior HR Advisor!

Fiona offers a diverse range of experience across the Human Resources spectrum. Along with her marketing and PR skills, she has broad HR knowledge with over 20 years experience in talent acquisition, employee relations, HR advising and career guidance. She also has significant experience integrating HRIS systems and managing compliance issues.

Fiona offers a diverse knowledge across a wide range of industries including Not For Profit, Community Services, FMCG, Building and Construction, Hospitality, Education, The Arts/Media and Manufacturing. Fiona works extensively assisting new and existing businesses to establish and maintain strong and compliant human resource practices.

Fiona is charismatic and versatile, possessing excellent communication and interpersonal skills. She has the ability to build strong relationships with both internal and external stakeholders across all levels. Fiona has qualifications in Marketing, Sales, Public Relations and Human Resource Management.

Fiona enjoys spending time with her family and friends, cooking, reading and being outdoors. In her spare time, Fiona also enjoys volunteering as a mentor and support of mothers who are going through a career change and/or returning to the workforce.

Irene Simatos

Irene Simatos - Standard Candle HR

Irene Simatos
Senior HR Consultant

Irene has over 25 years of generalist and specialist HR capability reaching executive levels of management in WHS, employment relations, workforce planning, remuneration and risk management.

As a vocational and university educator Irene has had the opportunity to successfully disseminate this knowledge to all levels of staff in both public and private sector organisations, enabling success and helping to drive return on investment.

Irene is an MBTI accredited practitioner and was awarded the NSW Ministers of Education and Training Quality Teaching Award recognizing her exceptional capabilities.

Passionate about HR, Irene has an eye for detail is customer focused and determined to achieve the best outcomes for her clients. Her depth of HR knowledge and experience not only enables her to identify and action immediate requirements but also implement key HR initiatives that align with future organisational values and culture.

Sharon Hulston

Sharon Hulston - Standard Candle

Sharon Hulston
Marketing & Communications

Sharon is a hard-core music lover with a head for design and marketing strategy. For the past 16 years she has provided creative vision and strategic guidance to many brands.

After spending 5 years working in PR and Marketing for an International Medical Group Sharon discovered her passion for creative design. Taking on various roles within the creative environment Sharon worked and travelled around the world before settling in Australia.

It was here that Sharon’s career took off on a slightly different path, with an opportunity to create an in-house creative department within a Global FMCG company. Working alongside Brand and Marketing managers to conceive and implement concepts, guidelines and strategies in numerous creative projects and oversee them to completion.

With this gained experience of recruiting, directing and motivating a team of art directors, designers, copywriters and photographers.Sharon then ventured off to start her own Creative Agency.

Being a business owner for over a decade allowed Sharon to wear many hats, but her passion has always been working directly with clients, developing strong relationships to deliver strategic and creative work that successfully achieves her client’s business goals.

Sharon has qualification in PR & Communication, Graphic Design, Project Management and Photography.


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