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mediation-meetingIs it important for your company to have a Performance and Development Review in place?

We think so!

Ensuring that your employees undertake a regular review of their performance is key for their ongoing development. It allows for a two way conversation that promotes open communication in a trusting environment from which constructive feedback from both parties can be delivered.

It also sets up the perfect time for a salary review and setting objectives that can be discussed in a professional manner allowing a level of negotiation based on certain parameters that form the best part of their role.

A company without a proper review procedure in place often finds itself battling with employees on performance and salary because expectations have never been clear or agreed upon.

Standard Candle can assist in a number of areas providing an overall view of what:

  • The timetable/frequency might look like
  • Documentation requirements
  • The best way to set up a meeting
  • What to focus on for a successful conversation to take place

Other options like;

  • Ratings Approach
  • F O C U S Approach

are also areas where Standard Candle can assist.

If your company needs assistance in setting up an effective performance review procedure then please contact us for any guidance.