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Succession plans…..Are they important to your company?


Many companies ignore Leadership Development to focus on more immediate challenges but your organisation’s future depends on identifying and developing the next generation of its leaders.

So consider;

  • What is your strategy to improve leadership?
  • The criteria used to identify potential leaders.
  • What are you doing to assist with their development and how are you measuring success?

Establish a set of clear and defined leadership competencies….So all stakeholders know whom to fast track for leadership. Too often, companies demand a list of vague qualities that when analysed further do not align with organisational needs.

Consider how leadership talent is fast tracked within your organisation….Early identification of those employees with potential leadership qualities is often the most effective way to create a pathway for individual success. Organisations that have a clear understanding of who they wish to develop will then know how much they are willing to invest in them.

Create a process for measuring overall performance and growth….Introducing leadership competencies and target assessments at various stages of a development program will help keep future leaders on track. There are a number of assessments available from problem solving and understanding the dimensions of behaviour to emotional intelligence and 360 degree leadership programs.

A company investing in leadership development, invests in the ongoing strategic growth of its business.

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