temp_job-interview The cultural fit of a new employee is as important as any other core element in the selection process.

Knowing the type of person you want to hire will go along way to ensuring that they fit within their new environment from day one.

Standard Candle understands the need for cultural fit and we work hard to achieve that goal within any recruitment process. So we take time to understand;

  •  Where your company strengths lie
  •  What your shared patterns and interactive relationships are
  • How relevant and up to date your position descriptions are
  • Whether there is a clear understanding for the selection criteria
  • Are market expectations realistic

Once we have these elements in place we can take the lead or assist with any aspect of the recruitment process. From;

Advertising – Resume Review – Interview Question Development – Interviewing – Selection and Notification

You want the right person for the role and we make it that much easier for you and your company to achieve that.

If you would like any assistance with your next recruitment process then please contact us now as we have the expertise to help you.