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Hiring your next employee is not just about Recruitment!

Its a time to analyse the relevance of the role and how it fits within the structure of the team. As companies grow some positions are unable to sustain their effectiveness because it has assumed another entity. This can have a negative impact on the team and its processes, leading to conflict and a low job satisfaction.

Before hiring it’s prudent to take the time and assess;

  •  Whether the role is required at all
  •  If the role maintains its value in its current form
  • That the role still fulfills its function within the team process
  •  If some tasks can be delegated providing an opportunity up skill other team members
  •  Whether an opportunity exists to promote from within
  •  How any changes will impact work flow

These are obvious questions to consider but its amazing how many companies hire on the run! They fall into the trap of waiting too long therefore creating an urgent recruitment situation that becomes an add on without a full understanding of how the role(s) will impact work flow and current structure.

Hiring the right person for the role is important but taking the time to review and get the timing of the recruitment right is of equal importance!

We emphasise the need for a streamlined timely Recruitment process that considers all elements of the project that is cost effective and produces the best outcome for your business.


The cultural fit of a new employee is as important as any other core element in the selection process. Read more