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A DashboardWhat does it cost your business to Identify, Recruit, Induct and Train a new employee?

How much revenue does your company need to generate to break even on a new employee?

We know it’s a huge cost for any business, so it must be of  enormous benefit to have an opportunity to identify the risk and reduce your ongoing recruitment costs!

So what is the Employment Attachment Inventory (EAI)?

It is a patented instrument which measures the strength of bond (Attachment) formed between a new employee and the organisation within the first 90 days.

The EAI measures 20 drivers of attachment and consists of a survey and report. New employees complete the “90 Day On-boarding Survey” and from this an EAI feedback report is generated and sent to the manager. The EAI feedback report contains valuable insights into the perceptions the new employee has formed of the business.

The EAI has specific applications within the On-boarding process and has a proven capacity in helping organisations.

Your business can benefit from the EAI product by;QsLeastToMostEng_SL_20140924 (2)

1. mitigating the risks of early employee attrition

2. achieving a faster ROI through discretionary effort in performance

3. facilitating constructive conversations between managers and new talent

4. accelerating the time it takes new employees to reach minimum level competence and profit contribution

5. gathering and analyse objective data to improve their talent retention strategy

6. protecting the time and expense incurred during the recruitment/training process

Cracking the code of reducing employee turnover and recruitment costs is a top priority for HR Professionals and business worldwide. The EAI is an instrument of choice for organisations who depend on objective data to drive improvements in how they on-board new talent.

If you wish to know more about how EAI can reduce your ongoing recruitment costs….OR test it’s effectiveness, with a no obligation FREE TRIAL, then please contact us now.