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DiSC-Certified-Trainer-JPEGWhat is DiSC?

Most companies understand the need for a cohesive workplace to help drive productivity but where do you start if you know you need help in creating this environment.

A great place to start is with DiSC profiling.

Knowing how each individual ticks within your company is an important element in achieving a cohesive workplace. DiSC profiling examines the behavioural patterns of individuals and provides an understanding of how employees can better relate to each other.

DiSC is an acronym for the four primary dimensions of behaviour.

  • Dominance – direct, results-oriented, strong willed and forceful
  • Influence – outgoing, enthusiastic, optimistic and lively
  • Steadiness – even tempered, accommodating, patient and humble
  • Conscientiousness – analytical, reserved, precise and systematic

It does not measure;

  • Personality Type
  • Surface Behaviour
  • Values & Beliefs
  • Thinking & Feeling

We believe an emphasis on understanding the behavioural patterns of each individual can only help grow your business. Once it’s understood it can help with;

  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Non Confrontational Feedback
  • Personal Developmentperformance_management_2
  • Effective Teamwork

It is also a powerful tool when used in conjunction with a change management program or merging of companies!

If you wish to know more about how DiSC profiling can be of benefit to your company then please contact us for more information

**We recommend using DiSC for profiling and as such it must come from a validated and reliable resource. The DiSC intellectual property is owned by Wiley, one of the largest publishing companies in the world. It is the most accurate and research-validated profiling tool available today.