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Do your employees need it?

What’s the difference?

To answer the first question – Not all employees need it or want it but in some cases where for instance leadership is a part of an employee’s development, external Coaching or Mentoring can become an effective and positive influence on the individual’s performance and overall business outlook.

In answer to the second question – There is a difference!

For example;

Coaching is short term and Mentoring is always long term


Coaching is performance driven and Mentoring is development driven

These are just two of many examples.

Choosing whether your employee(s) need Mentoring or Coaching and which is appropriate…. is the question!

Standard Candle can help identify the correct path to undertake and implement a Coaching or Mentoring strategy that will be of benefit to both the individual and your business.

Making the right decision for the right reason will help lead to more positive outcomes.

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