Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

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KPIA Key Performance Indicator (KPI) can be defined as “Providing the most Important Performance Information” that enables organisations and their stakeholders to understand whether business objectives are being met.

If the plan is for each individual to have their own productivity goals while working as a collective unit, how then do you measure an individuals  success or failure within that team environment?

It’s ‘Best Practise’ for each individual to have a set of Key Performance Indicators that relate to performance against objective. Collectively these KPI’s will mirror the planned activity/productivity required to achieve the business objective. Without them you do not have a proper measuring tool from which you can gain any indication of success or failure for either individual or team.

So KPI’s are a critical measurement tool. Selecting the right indicators and the number of KPI’s is of equal importance!

At Standard Candle we assist you in setting ‘SMART’ Key Performance Indicators that helps your organisation understand its performance in relation to their strategic goals.

Contact us now for any assistance. We have the expertise and toolkit to help guide you through the implementation of your next KPI program.