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TrendOnAQWithBusinessData_SL_20140924What is Induction?

It’s providing information, guidance and support to new employees enabling them to adjust to their environment and become productive sooner.

Standard Candle can assist with a structured program that when implemented will consistently provide detailed orientation, company knowledge and on-the-job training through effective communication and feedback mechanisms.

What is On-Boarding?

This is a broader term and has a more comprehensive goal and perspective.

Induction tends to have a ‘Process Focus’. On-Boarding encompasses the complete range of tasks and requirements needed when engaging a new employee in your organisation up to the 90 day/3 month period.

The goal is to accommodate, assimilate and accelerate a new team member into their roles. It is a continuous process that may extend for weeks or months rather than the usual few days of induction.B EAI

Standard Candle has a user friendly online survey called the “Employee Attachment Inventory” (EAI) that is cost effective and provides an insight as to how attached the new employee is to the organisation after the first 90 days.

If you would like to know more about how this can help your company then please contact us at Standard Candle