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Policy and Procedure is all about “Setting the Standards” within your business.

It’s important that you create a set of standards that your employees can aspire to and be qualitatively measured against. Introducing a policy register that is maintained with updated versions communicated to your employees on a regular basis will shape the behaviour you desire.


Policies must be easily accessible to employees at any time either in print or online. It’s important that legislated policies such as:

  • WHS
  • Bullying and Harassment
  • EEO & Discrimination
    Etc…Policy 1

be signed indicating agreement and an understanding of the policy detail.

If legislated policies are not signed by employees then its vital that a solid procedure is in place as evidence that the company has attempted to follow a proper HR process.

The Policy and Procedures you introduce will establish your commitment to well being and “Best Practice’, creating a higher level of behavioural standards from each other that becomes accepted as the way you conduct business both internally and externally.

We can help you ‘Set the Standard’ by supporting your efforts in implementing Policies and Procedures that reflect higher levels of performance and behaviour.

Contact us now for more information about policies that are essential for HR compliance and how to implement and effectively communicate your policy program.