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  • Meet Our Director

  • Jan Marsden - Standard Candle HRHi and Welcome to Standard Candle.

    My name is Jan Marsden, I hope you find our site easy to navigate and informative. Our name might imply that we are ‘Candle Makers’ but in fact we are….. HR professionals!

    My transition from a Sales and Customer Service Manager to an HR Director has been very rewarding. After making the decision to pursue my real passion, I attained formal qualifications and have had the privilege to work at a  senior or executive HR level for the last 13 years.

    I have been fortunate to gain a wealth of senior HR experience across a wide range of industries that include Office Related Products, Government, Manufacturing/Logistics and private Vocational and Higher Education. I believe I can impart my practical leadership and change management  experience to effectively assist with your HR needs.

    We initiate a ‘due diligence’ methodology to first understand your business. We then focus on improving people performance by developing talent that creates a sustainable self-managed environment.

    We draw on specialists with cutting edge products and legal partners to assist us in our efforts to service your HR needs.

    As you explore our website you will notice an option to complete what we call our “HR Essentials Analysis”  This has been designed to help you identify areas of your HR landscape that might need attention. Once completed a ‘Helpful Hints’ page can be downloaded that will further assist in setting the direction of your HR area.

    We appreciate that you have taken the time to connect with us. If you are seeking an HR service provider with the expertise to help grow your business through people development then please contact us at Standard Candle.

  • Our Purpose & Philosophy

  • To assist companies with Recruitment, Development and Talent Management by providing a high level of HR products and services.

    We seek to maximise a company’s growth by empowering people with HR workplace programs that encourages team work, challenges individuals and helps identify future leaders.

  • What's in a name?

  • When we were considering a name we wanted it to define our purpose. We discovered the name Standard Candle and was immediately drawn to what is stands for and how it was used as a measurement tool.

    For those that don’t know a “Standard Candle” is a known luminous intensity or a known brightness. A candle flame is a known brightness, acts in a consistent and regular way and can be used as a precise form of measurement.

    A number of candle flames were used in an experiment as a part of a 10 year project to measure the expansion of the universe. This led to a Nobel prize in physics in 2012.

    At Standard Candle we consider our ‘Known Brightness’ to be our HR programs and expertise. Our products consistently set the standard by which people performance is measured delivering “HR Outcomes” to support your strategic goals.

  • Our Core Values

  • Commitment • Passion • Reliability • Integrity

  • Our Core Competencies

  • Attention to Detail
    We apply a forensic methodology to understand your existing HR landscape.

    Organising and Planning
    A hands on engagement and operating model that balances the “Priority Now” with consideration to future organisational requirements.

    Leadership/Strategic Thinking
    A comprehensive growth management approach based on improved people performance, workforce modelling and succession plans.