Finding the key to a motivated work force is essential to productivity and growth.

Do you hold the key?

How important are your people to your business?

Do your people have the support and guidance to achieve it?

As a business, you have

a strategic plan.

Are your leaders leading?

Leaders influence behaviour, change the course of events and overcome resistance. 

Meet Our Director

Jan Marsden - Standard Candle HRHi and Welcome to Standard Candle. My name is Jan Marsden, I hope you find our site easy to navigate and informative. Our name might imply that we are candle makers but in fact we are…. HR professionals!

My transition from a Sales and Customer Service Manager to HR Director has been very rewarding. After making the decision to pursue my real passion, I attained formal qualifications and have had the privilege to work at a senior or executive HR level for the past 13 years.  Read more…

HR Essentials Analysis

Answer 5 questions to evaluate your current HR landscape.  

Our Core Competencies

Attention to Detail
We apply a forensic methodology to understand your existing HR landscape.

Organising and Planning
A hands on engagement and operating model that balances the “Priority Now” with consideration to future operational requirements.

Leadership/Strategic Thinking
A comprehensive growth management approach based on improved people performance, workforce modelling and succession plans.